• Testimonials

    "...Ariel has been so present with me as well as Michael. I can only thank you for the support and presence that you have extended to me. What you are doing is amazing...” - Louise, Savage, MN

    “Holy Cow, I am so filled with love and appreciation and gratitude. I’m driven to tell anyone and everyone I come across how much I appreciate them... - Gail, Mendota Heights, MN

    “I want to say thank you....Today I feel so calm and I feel like I’m processing information so much clearer.” - Mary, Maple Grove, MN


Welcome to Heaven on Earth Angel Therapies

The passion of Heaven on Earth Angel Therapies is to guide and assist you on your journey of Spiritual Enlightenment and Soul Advancement to create your “life’s bliss”. Our truest passion involves teaching all of humankind “the truth of who we really are thru releasing that which we are not”. This enhancement upgrades our human expression from fear based creating to a life based in unconditional love.

Re-membering the truth of who we really are brings joy, bliss, purpose, meaning, hope and aliveness to our everyday experiences.

We invite you to join in the passionate discovery of  the truth of why we are here in human bodies at this time in his/her story. Our intent is to guide you beyond your seeming  human limitations one step at a time through awareness, information and energy enhancements.  Consider starting by  taking advantage of the following services we provide and connecting with us on Facebook or Twitter.                                 Namaste, Bonny K



Bonny 2011

Message to the Earth Angels
Bonny’s experience with Angels began in 2006, when she enrolled in the Basic Level Integrated Energy Therapy class which interfaces with The Angels of the Healing Ray.

As Bonny experienced the full power of IET, she developed an intimate relationship with Angels. She is now heart connected and  channels  guidance and healing energy from the Angels for the purpose of moving humanity into its next level of empowerment beyond the illusion.

Angel Ariel, the overseer of IET, has a powerful role to play as she supports,  guides, uplifts and empowers  those of us embodied as “the Earth Angels.” Her purpose as part of the heavenly body of angel energy is to continually nudge and urge us to choose the “dimension of love over the dimension of fear”.

Ariel desires for humanity to know and feel that she can be called upon at any time, as we move through this  ascension process. Choosing love over fear is our greatest tool both to maintain our sanity during these times of change and to transform with ease, grace and joy from our thinking nature into our heart-centered feeling nature.

As we enter the new year of 2015,  let us all rejoice and show gratitude for our loved ones, especially our family’s of origin and our “soul” families. We are entering the end of the illusion of separation from “Source” which began so long long ago. Remembering, as we continue this journey, that we never really left the King/Queendom of God/Goddess, we simply fell asleep into the illusionary dream world of pain and suffering. As we awaken from the dream our hearts are filled with gratitude and pure Joy for all are returning to the truth of Unity and Oneness beyond the illusion. I AM Grateful. I AM pure Joy. I AM Unconditional Love of pure Source.